frequently asked Questions

  • did you say #covid?

We continue to follow the health rules established by the Government and/or the Prefecture. In addition, it is up to you to act responsibly according to the rules that concern you (in particular concerning our overseas customers who must inquire with their competent authorities and implement the measures requested of them by France) .

In order to allow us to put everything in place, we thank you for strictly respecting our schedules: check-in between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. and check-out by 11 a.m. at the latest.

Particularly in the event of symptoms, it is important to respect basic safety standards for the well-being of all: barrier gestures, masks, gel, distances to be respected,...

Regarding meals at the table d'hôtes: we have chosen to continue to limit places to guarantee distancing; we can therefore no longer accommodate everyone so remember to anticipate your reservation.

Of course, everything is done in compliance with strict health rules. We remind you that we are particularly trained in hygiene standards (HACCP) and apply them on a permanent basis. These are of course reinforced at the present time.

In short, be careful, be vigilant, be responsible... but don't hesitate to come and take a breath of fresh air in Picardie Maritime even if the Baie de Somme is unfortunately still not reimbursed by Social Security.


  • what are our hours?

No, we do not have a 24 hour reception. Please respect our hours as indicated here:

  • arrival between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.
  • departure at 11 a.m. at the latest
  • breakfast between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.
  • table d'hôtes at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday


If you really can't stick to it, contact us to find a solution.


  • what are our rates?

It's simple, everything is indicated on the right and left of our pages opposite the respective headings. But let's not nitpick, in summary, it's here too:

Note that these prices are for a direct booking (from our site). They may be different when the reservation is made via a reservation center (OTA) (article 133 of the law of August 6, 2015).


  • are you available on this date?

Excellent question!

But you can find out easily with our online module (preferred method), or you can also call or send us a message.


  • and how can we pay?

As you can read in our T&Cs, we prefer payment by card(s).(or possibly by bank transfer prior to booking). We also accept ANCV holiday vouchers (contact us in this case) or ANCV Connect.

For on-site supplements (eg drinks, ...), we also accept cash. However, we have a card reader available.

However, we do not accept checks and do not issue credit.


  • yes but, ... and if I'm hungry?

It all depends on the moment! A breakfast will be served to you each morning. If you stay several nights, you can even vary the pleasures with our options.

In the evening, we will take care of your taste buds at our table d'hôtes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings by prior reservation. Everything is explained in detail here:

It goes without saying that we are trained in HACCP and Inco rules (allergens).We will take into account any specific request related to any food allergy and/or intolerance. In short, in case of need or special request, contact us in time to let us know your constraints.

For the other evenings, consult us and we will find a solution such as a recommendation in the surroundings.


  • I am thirsty !

So you have to drink! That's why we provide a courtesy tray in each room with water, a selection of teas and a Nespresso machine with two capsules per person.

And if you feel like drinking something else, just contact us, for example, to taste the Presbyterian, our exclusive amber beer, or the Octante, our light and refreshing blonde (in partnership with La Brasserie de la Somme ) . .


  • are our rooms accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM)?

Unfortunately not all! Only the two double rooms of miss Lisa and miss Juliet are. Note that they do however have a small step to enter. Similarly, there is a small step to access our dining room.

There is a wide external wooden staircase to access Mademoiselle Iona's suite and a narrow staircase to reach the floor of the priest's room.

By their configuration, the trailers are also not suitable for people with reduced mobility.


  • what if i smoke?

Everyone has their vices! But it is good to note that the whole of the house, the annex and the trailers are non-smoking or vaping. You can still enjoy it outdoors provided you do not disturb anyone. Ashtrays will be provided for this purpose so avoid leaving your cigarette butts lying around!


  • do we accept your pets?

Also note that we only accept animals very exceptionally and under certain conditions: prior communication and agreement on our part, type of accommodation chosen and/or available (possible only in a trailer or in the rooms on the ground floor Lisa and Juliet), age of the pet (we do not accept a priori any puppies), prior acceptance of another animal at the same time, unconditional kindness towards the masters of the place (our cats), ...

Animals are accepted for a flat rate of 20 euros per animal per stay, ban on letting animals climb on the beds, dogs cannot be left free (see our cats), obligation to systematically pick up any droppings, any possible damage will be invoiced (interior and/or exterior) at the full responsibility of the customer.

Any person arriving accompanied by a pet without prior agreement may be refused access and will not be entitled to any refund.

Guide dogs are accepted but we ask that you notify us beforehand when making your reservation.


  • and the TV, how many channels does it get?

It's simple, in principle and for the calm of the place, there is no TV set.

On the other hand, there is reading material in each room and board games on request.

If you really don't want to miss the latest episode of your favorite series, grab your tablet or laptop and take advantage of our Wifi network.


  • what's up doc, is there wifi?

Yes honeybunny, in all the rooms! But be careful to use it respecting a legal use.


  • can my bike sleep with me in the room?

No, it can't. It can rest in the shelter of our small annex. If it is electric, it can even be plugged in.


  • where am I going to park my car?

Free parking can be found on the village square, opposite the church, 50m from our Presbytery. You can also park along the outside wall.Our on-site parking spaces are limited (3) and available depending on arrivals without any guarantee of availability.


  • and my electric car, can I recharge it?

Yes, it is exceptionally possible on request for a fee that will depend on your type of vehicle (electric or hybrid).


  • is it still far to the sea?

Not anymore now ! Don't expect to stare at the shore from our windows though. From here, you will combine the pleasures of the countryside and the sea in the snap of your fingers: by road, 11km for the beach of Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme (it's even shorter if you go there by bike by the towpath which runs along the Somme) and 20km for Cayeux-sur-Mer or Le Crotoy.


  • are my children welcome?

Sure ! However, it goes without saying that your children remain under your full responsibility and must behave with respect for everyone.

Please note that children are not allowed in the Suite.

It also seems important to remember that we are bound by a maximum capacity. No additional person (baby included) can be accommodated in the room without communication and our prior agreement.


  • Nespresso in the rooms? Is it really eco-responsible?

Admittedly, this is probably not the greenest way to offer you coffee. This is also why your breakfast coffee is freshly ground.

On the other hand, we are not going to argue about Nespresso but we have chosen to trust their commitment to recycling and sustainability .

Read more about it on their site:


  • what does the price of a night in a guest room include?

This list is not the coolest part of this site but since the question has already been asked, here is an overview of what is included in the price of a night:

  1. your quality night in good bedding
  2. linen (sheets, towels, etc.): washed and ironed
  3. beds to make and unmake
  4. the time devoted to cleaning the rooms, shower rooms, common areas, kitchen, etc. brief general maintenance
  5. cleaning and hygiene products
  6. welcome products and/or courtesy tray (tea, coffee, etc.)
  7. your breakfast: preparation time, ingredients, installation, preparation and storage
  8. time to go shopping
  9. machine wear and maintenance
  10. heating
  11. water and electricity to welcome you
  12. your Wi-Fi connection
  13. insurance costs
  14. the administration to manage all this


  • if I stay several nights, do you change the linen?

It all depends on the number of nights. At home, you don't change your sheets every day, do you? And your towels?

In short, we will adapt to the duration, as needed and on demand, but if you are staying more than one night, we ideally ask you to keep your towels for at least 48 hours for ecological reasons. Thank you for Mother Nature!