an eco-responsible presbytery

© Au Presbytère de Saigneville et © Baie de Somme Zéro Carbone

© Au Presbytère de Saigneville et © Baie de Somme Zéro Carbone

We are keen to develop at the Presbytère a subtle blend of charm, luxury, craftsmanship and eco-tourism. We have also obtained the travel sustainable badge from Booking and have been part of the active members of the Baie de Somme Zero Carbone network since early 2024, whose values we share.


We are constantly moving towards an approach that is as eco-conscious as possible by increasingly adapting our habits, our energy consumption, recycling, the short circuit and the circular economy. In short, the Presbytery's approach promotes ""let's consume local, let's consume green, let's consume mindfully"".


An eco-responsible establishment means:

- a setting that respects the environment and natural resources

- an environmental policy based on continuous improvement and covering water, waste, energy and responsible purchasing criteria

- a team that cares about its impact and is willing to share its values.


Help us achieve our goals!

We suggest a few simple actions during your stay:

- close the windows when the heating is on or vice versa

- turn off the lights or heating when you leave the room

- use our recycling bins, compost and glass containers on the square

- think about alternative

- do not dispose of any products in the sinks, showers or WCs that could harm the environment

- for stays of more than one night, do not ask for cleaning or change of sheets and towels